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 My experience over the past 40+ years includes employment as a TV and Radio  broadcast engineer,
Motorola two-way radio technician, RF engineering and communications systems designer,
Web Design and IT Management.

 I hold an Amateur Extra Class license and originally a First Class Radiotelephone license before it was converted by the FCC to a General Radiotelephone license.
I am industry certified by the Electronics Technicians Association, International, holding a Senior Certification.
I am also certified by the National Association of Business and Educational Radio.  I am a US Navy Vietnam Veteran.

I have maintained a repair shop dedicated to servicing amateur radio equipment since 1992.
The shop operates from 9:30AM til 6:00PM central time, Monday thru Friday.

Turn around time averages 1 to 2 weeks depending on parts availability.

Contact me by email (anytime) or phone for information about repairing your equipment. 
Contact information is on the Contact Page

Click here to view the W4BBN ham station

   Hammarlund * Drake * Kenwood * Icom * EF Johnson * Heathkit * National
               Yaesu * Collins * Swan * Harvey Wells * Gonset * Hallicrafters


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